Sappyfriends, we've been quietly working away these last few months, cleaning house, finding lost keys, having deep conversations, and making plans. We have heard your expressions of support and enthusiasm and we have been touched and moved. Thank you for your continued belief in Sappyfest! Thank you for making plans to be with us, as we make plans for your arrival, and thank you for your patience.

So, today we are thrilled to announce that Weaves, Lido Pimienta, Daniel Romano, Willie Thrasher, Partner, Bernice, Tough Age, Teenanger, Myriam Gendron and The Highest Order will be performing at the 12th Annual Sappyfest, taking place in Sackville, NB from August 4-6, 2017.

In addition to our music programming we will be presenting an exhibition and artist talk by Lido Pimienta (in collaboration with Struts Gallery and Owen's Art Gallery); a reading by Notes Of A Feminist Killjoy author Erin Wunker; and a film program presented by Native North America V1 curator and music historian Kevin Howes. We are also excited to present the Golden Bus, a converted school bus that will host intimate and surprising acoustic shows.

Some of these names belong to old friends returning, weirder, wilder, and more wonderful than ever, and we are excited to welcome them home.  And we are thrilled to welcome those coming to Sappyfest for the first time. There are details and links for all of the participating artists on our Lineup page.

This is just the beginning, so please stay tuned for further announcements in the coming days and weeks. And we've increased the number of Early Bird Tickets available! So get them now before they are gone!