June 2nd and 3rd: 2 nights of Sappyness and Systems Tests at Thunder & Lightning

Okay, we are going to level with you - we need your help!  We are using a new ticketing system for the festival this summer and we want to have a chance to make sure everything is working properly and that we are well prepared to smoothly welcome you home. We want your arrival at Sappyfest to be without incident. We want you to glide effortlessly into the cool waters of Sappyfest 12 with not a worry or trouble.

With that in mind we thought it best to give ourselves a practice run, a chance to work out any kinks and bugs with our ticket processing and to smooth out the bumps. So we've scheduled two nights of high-grade entertainment at Thunder & Lightning (23 Bridge St. Sackville, NB) and are selling advance tickets with the hope that you, with the generosity of spirit and understanding we know you to have, will purchase a ticket and attend one or (even better!) both of these fine evenings of cultural programming. Think of it as a practice run for the summer! Think of it as a mini-fest doubling as a systems check doubling as a community building exercise.

For your efforts, as an advance ticket holder you will be entered into a draw for redeemable credit on Sappyfest 12 festival merch this summer, and other fun door prizes!

Friday, June 2nd: Inland Island, Klarka Weinwurm, Dizzy And The Kittens, Chill Teens. 10 pm. $8

Saturday, June 3rd: Special Costello, Sandi Rankaduwa, Jordy, Steven Lambke, Secret Sackville Storytelling, maybe trivia. 8 pm. $5.

Please help us out by clicking on the above links! And of course Sappyfest 12 festival tickets are available on our main ticket page.