Between blizzards and ice storms, SappyFest was hard at work this winter searching for our next Creative Director. Guess what! It's our longtime attendee and performer Steven Lambke, and we couldn't be happier to share this with you. 

For nearly two decades, Lambke has been a prominent figure in the Canadian music landscape. A member of the revered indie rock act the Constantines, and a celebrated songwriter who has released albums both eponymously and under the Baby Eagle moniker, Lambke also has a wealth of experience working with artists behind the scenes. Through his independent record label, You’ve Changed Records, Lambke has been at the fore of championing thoughtful, creative, and groundbreaking music, literature, and art. 

“Since 2006, SappyFest has been a haven for independent musicians, for poets, punks, and artists of all types,” says Lambke. “It's been a place where the usual measures of success and failure can be put aside for more humane, tender-hearted, and inclusive efforts. I look forward to working with SappyFest, and the community of Sackville, as we continue to set a stage for wonderful musical performances, surprising art, literary adventures, and a little summertime swamp magic.”

Get ready for this summer everyone!