Like April of Hooded Fang before them, Sackville residents and Sappy XI performers Zack Bruce, James Gomori and Phil Legere of the band GIRTH took on this week's edition of The Doiron Questionnaire from guest contributor Julie Doiron.

Tune in below and find out about the band's love of shredding, suits and Partner's Dan Legere.

Favourite qualities in a bandmate?
Zack: "Not suggesting things be “more trapped out.” Or “sound huge.""

What is the principle vibe of your music?
Jamie: "It’s not rap-rock, but on paper it looks like it's rap-rock."

If you weren'’t in your band, who’'s band would you be in?
Jamie: "I would like to play bass in Rihanna’s band."

What defines a good bass line?
Phil: "Hit it on the ‘one’ and fit in as much as you can after that."

Your idea of the worst live show?
Jamie: "Phil wore a suit to our first show ever and played Primus covers before our set started."
Zack: "This was just after we told him we didn’t want to look like a joke band."

What talent would you sell your soul for?
Phil: "Town? I can’t hear you, I’m at the zoo. Did you say ‘what town’? Like Springhill?"

Your idea of the worst stage outfit?
Jamie: "A full suit."

What would make you quit a band?
Zack: "Nothing could make me quit a band. Once I join, I won’t quit no matter how much I hate it."

What would make you kick someone out of a tour van?
Zack: "I don’t think I would kick someone out of a van. I think I’d probably just complain about them after."

What are you afraid of?
Phil: "Sharks."

What quality as a musician do you most wish you had but don’'t?
Jamie: "Shredding. I can’t shred."
Phil: "I also wish I could shred."

Which musician, political figure or event of the past did the most damage to music (be gentle)?
Jamie: "Whatever led to nü-metal."

Which musician, political figure or event has done the most good?
Phil: "My brother and best friend, Dan Legere of the band Partner. He’s the leader of the band."

Would you rather a child, a dog, or a Toyota Privia?
Zack: "It would be nice to have a car."

Favourite small town other than Sackville?
Phil: "New Waterford, Cape Breton. That’s where my Dad’s from."

What is your motto?
Jamie: "Zack’s motto is whatever Eeyore says."

What do you wish everyone else’s motto was?
Jamie: "When in doubt, trap it out."
Zack: "Not that. Don’t put that."

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