Photo Credit: Tanja-Tiziana via  Now Toronto

Photo Credit: Tanja-Tiziana via Now Toronto

Last week, we had a chance to chat with April Aliermo and Daniel Lee of Hooded Fang and Phèdre on Sappy Radio. April was gracious enough to answer our new weekly feature known as The Doiron Questionnaire with guest interviewer and Sappy XI performer Julie Doiron

Julie organized a serious of thought-provoking questions to challenge the wits and desires of our dear Sappy XI performers, and April proved wildly successful as a respondent. Check out what she answered below:


Favourite qualities in a bandmate?
"Small, quiet and still, sort of like a garden gnome."

What is the principle vibe of your music?
"Dancing in dark dens."

If you weren't in your band, who's band would you be in?
"M.I.A.'s band"

What defines a good bass line?
"Depends on the song... sometime heart, sometimes sex, sometimes both."

What are the worst qualities of the best musicians?
"Large, loud and moving around all the time - sort of like a busy rush hour crowd."

What talent would you sell your soul for?
"Drumming and rapping at the same time."

Your idea of the best stage outfit?
"Yo, I wear it all the time, guy!"

Your idea of the worst stage outfit?
"I don't have an imagination for that kind of thing."

What would make you quit a band?
"If Daniel makes this terrible joke one more time..."

What would make you kick someone out of a tour van?
"Oh, it's happened... have you smelled Dan's farts?"

What are you afraid of?
"Capitalism, overcosumption and virtual reality."

What quality as a musician do you most wish you had, but don't?
"I wish I were as nuts as Iggy Pop."

Would you rather a child, a dog, or a Toyota Privia?
"Which one could I sell for the most money?"

Favourite small town other than Sackville?
"What? I thought there was only Sackville..."

What is your motto?
"Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well."