Friday, Aug 4: "Hey! how's it going!?" "Where are you staying!?!?" "I can't wait to see......!!!" "This band is incredible!!!!"

Saturday, Aug 5: "Man! We're you at the .... show last night? It was so great!" "Hey, you need any sunscreen?" "Aw, sweet Sappy hoodie! I wanted to get one but they were already sold out!" "Hahaha look at .... crowdsurfing!" "Oh boy I gotta run, the artist talk is about to start!"

Sunday, Aug 6: "Hey do you have a cell phone charger I could borrow?" "I spent all my money on records!!!!" "The mosquitos aren't actually that bad where I'm camping!" "Are those my pants?!?" "My ten favourite bands were.............. but I can't wait to see.....tonight!!!! I heard they are amazing live!!!"

Monday, Aug 7: Tearful goodbyes. "See you next year!". Silence.

*more details to come