For our final week of The Doiron Questionnaire, we had Halifax's own Jenny Gillespie A.K.A. Coco Barracuda tackle the questions in true style. Check out what she had to say below and catch her set at SappyFest XI on Sunday, July 31st at 1PM on the Main Stage.

What is the principle vibe of your music?
"A serum of sour grapes. A rubber sand dune that jiggles as you jiggle. Running free in a virtual body. Dream rider: L'Ange de la nuit. Baby-grade pineapple juice. I'm always crying."

If you weren’t in your band, who’s band would you be in?
"I'd wanna collaborate with Jun Togawa during her Yapoos phase... right now, I dig/respect Lido Pimienta from Toronto so much, and would be so sick to sing with her one day."

What defines a good base line?
"Bass that makes you clench your teeth like your squeezing a cute puppy."

What are the worst qualities of the best musicians?
"Artists being absolved of racism, sexism, etc. because of their creative output."

Your idea of the worst live show?
"Sausage fest. And no windows when it's hot!"

What talent would you sell your soul for?
"When I was a kid, I used to wish the same thing every time: 'I wish I had all the powers that elves have in Elfquest.'"

Your idea of the best stage outfit?
"A body suit with an absurd amount of layered, coloured chiffon, making me into a big fluffy, flowing monster!"

Your idea of the worst stage outfit?
"Anything that restricts movement, or leather pants?"

What would make you quit a band?
"A creative direction where being offensive for the sake of being "edgy", rather than for an underlying message. Do whatever you want, but that's not my thing."

What are you afraid of?
"Not being productive enough--stagnating into oblivion. Purgatory???? It's something I'm trying to let go of because the pressure of that can get too much sometimes."

What quality as a musician do you most wish you had but don’t?
"Being able to function without adequate sleep. I can be a cranky baby."

Which musician, political figure or event of the past did the most damage to music, be gentle?
"I could write an essay about this."

Which musician, political figure or event has done the most good?
"In recent memory, women of colour who are asserting themselves and their art unapologetically. More representation, please!"

Would you rather a child, a dog, or a toyota privia?
"A pupperoni."

Favourite small town other than Sackville?
"I grew up in Deep Brook, NS. I wouldn't say it's totally my favourite, but those special childhood spots are pretty sacred to me."

What is your motto?
"I don't know... a mish mash of stuff. Learn your boundaries, be empathetic and kind-hearted. Be genuine and only fuck with people who truly care about you. That last one takes awhile to figure out."

What do you wish everyone else’s motto was?