Recent Halifax-to-Sackville transplant Geordie Miller will be hosting and performing at the annual Universal Dawn literary event at the Vogue Cinema on Sunday, July 31st.

Between his studies, writing and bartending at Thunder & Lightning Ltd., Miller took the time to take on the weekly Doiron Questionnaire, organized by Sappy XI performer Julie Doiron. Check out his answers below.

Favourite qualities in a collaborator?
"Enthusiasm and honesty. Say we're driving near dusk. We spot a lynx on the horizon. Days later, one of us admits that we didn't actually see it.  Were just excited to be in on the moment."

What is the principle vibe of your work?

If you weren't in your band, who's band would you be in?
"I'm not in my band! I'd totally be in a band. Let me join the band?"

What defines a good bass line?
"Please tell me."

What are the worst qualities of the best writers?
"A certain kind of egoism. The kind that might be creatively necessary, but can also be socially destructive. You know the type."

Your idea of the worst live show?
"Three words: Donald Trump rally."

What talent would you sell your soul for?
"Is anyone good at candlepin bowling? I don't think so. I'd like to be the first."

Your idea of the best stage outfit?
"For me personally it has to include jorts."

Your idea of the worst stage outfit?
"Tom Brady jersey."

What would make you quit a project?
"If the project started to get really mean."

What would make you kick someone out of a tour van?
"They steal my insulin."

What are you afraid of?

What quality as a writer do you most wish you had but don't?

Which musician, political figure or event of the past did the most damage to writing? (be gentle)
"Ronald Reagan."

Which musician, political figure or event has done the most good?
"Margaret Thatcher."

Would you rather a child, a dog, or a Toyota Privia?

Favourite small town other than Sackville?

What is your motto?
"Be the weird people you used to fear."

What do you wish everyone else's motto was?
"An injury to one is an injury to all."

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