Added to Sappyfest 12: Doldrums! Ancient Shapes! Sue Goyette! More!

We're never quite done - we always lean a little harder on the scales.

How do we make Sappyfest 12 even better? With Doldrums' extra sensory overload of ecstatic beats; with a rare and coveted and surely well-dressed performance from Daniel Romano's Ancient Shapes; with the artful grooves of Saint John, NB's Usse; with the drama and introspection of Guelph, ON's Shopkeeper; with the Peterborough/Toronto voice and electronic duo Joyful Joyful!

We are also thrilled to welcome poet Sue Goyette, who's wonder-filled Ocean has been companion and guide into strange corners of life on the edge of the deep. Sue's the real deal and has things to tell you.