SappyFest XI Mixer & Sappy Radio Launch


SappyFest XI Mixer - The Soundtrack to Your Summer
Excited to dive into the music of SappyFest XI before the festivities kick off at the end of July? Check out our pre-made mixer playlists on YouTube and Spotify to become acquainted with all of the artists in store for the festival.

Sappy Radio Makes Its Return
Sappy Radio makes it return to CHMA 106.9FM this Friday at 12PM, coming to you each week with interviews, features and songs from SappyFest XI artists. This year, we are excited to announce our collaboration with CFRU 93.3FMCKDU 88.1FM and !earshot 20 in producing Sappy Radio each week. Tune into the first episode this Friday to catch our first guest, Sorrey.

Listen live to Sappy Radio on Friday, June 10th at 12PM AST at