HERE IT IS! The (nearly) complete musical lineup for Sappyfest 12! Our new announcements are in bold:

BAH NAH NAH / Beverly Glenn Copeland / Bird City / Bernice / Booji Boys / BUDI with Aquakultre / Construction & Destruction / The Courtneys / Daniel Romano / Eamon McGrath / Erin Wunker / Exit Someone / Fiver / Heaven For Real / The Highest Order / Jane Blanchard / Jon McKiel / Kirsten Olivia / Klarka Weinwurm / Lido Pimienta / The Magic / Myriam Gendron / Not You / Partner / Protruders / Richard Laviolette / Sarah Denim / Sweet Dave and the Shallow Graves / Teenanger / Tess Roby / Tough Age / Vulva Culture / Weaves /  Willie Thrasher / Zones

Learn more about all these fine performers on the lineup page where there's links to music and more. Tickets for Sappyfest 12 are available now.

Sappyfest welcomes Eamon McGrath as it’s 2017 Songwriter-in-Residence

Toronto based songwriter Eamon McGrath will be travelling to Sackville, NB this August as Sappyfest’s 2017 Songwriter-in-Residence. Eamon’s work is based in a deep commitment to independent, grassroots arts and cultural production. He has released five full-length albums and published his first novel Berlin-Warszawa Express with ECW Press in May 2017. He is a member of Julie And The Wrong Guys, with Sappyfest co-founder Julie Doiron and Mike Peters and Jaye R. Schwarzer of The Cancer Bats. Eamon performed at Sappyfest in 2012 backed by members of Eric’s Trip, and as part of The Greville Music Tapes Revue in 2016.

“I'm thrilled at the opportunity to spend the month of August writing on the east coast as the Sappyfest artist in residence. This festival represents everything that's honest, grassroots and true-to-the-core of the Canadian music community, and is comprised of dedicated, hard-working and passionate people who exemplify the traits and characteristics of "Canadian" art: a spirit and attitude that transcends distance, and a unifying, diverse and eclectic outlook on musical styles and artistic approaches. Whether or not you play hardcore punk or folk music, if you've braved a winter snowstorm on the Trans-Canada to get to a gig, you come from the same place and can understand each other's experiences and stories, and Sappy really embodies that kind of genre-defying identity and outlook.

As a Torontonian I'm also ecstatic at the chance to leave the high pace and full-throttle speed of the city for the warm and welcoming summertime east coast air. With the pressures of having to support yourself in the competitive and expensive environment of TO, it's easy to get swept up in the more administrative aspects of the music industry and neglect the real reason why musicians do this in the first place. At Sappy this year I'll be focusing on completing a follow-up to 2014's "Exile" LP, as well as ironing out the first working draft of my second book.”

Eamon McGrath's participation in Sappyfest 12 is made possible by funding support from the Artist In Residence Program of ArtsNB.

June 2nd and 3rd: 2 nights of Sappyness and Systems Tests at Thunder & Lightning

Okay, we are going to level with you - we need your help!  We are using a new ticketing system for the festival this summer and we want to have a chance to make sure everything is working properly and that we are well prepared to smoothly welcome you home. We want your arrival at Sappyfest to be without incident. We want you to glide effortlessly into the cool waters of Sappyfest 12 with not a worry or trouble.

With that in mind we thought it best to give ourselves a practice run, a chance to work out any kinks and bugs with our ticket processing and to smooth out the bumps. So we've scheduled two nights of high-grade entertainment at Thunder & Lightning (23 Bridge St. Sackville, NB) and are selling advance tickets with the hope that you, with the generosity of spirit and understanding we know you to have, will purchase a ticket and attend one or (even better!) both of these fine evenings of cultural programming. Think of it as a practice run for the summer! Think of it as a mini-fest doubling as a systems check doubling as a community building exercise.

For your efforts, as an advance ticket holder you will be entered into a draw for redeemable credit on Sappyfest 12 festival merch this summer, and other fun door prizes!

Friday, June 2nd: Inland Island, Klarka Weinwurm, Dizzy And The Kittens, Chill Teens. 10 pm. $8

Saturday, June 3rd: Special Costello, Sandi Rankaduwa, Jordy, Steven Lambke, Secret Sackville Storytelling, maybe trivia. 8 pm. $5.

Please help us out by clicking on the above links! And of course Sappyfest 12 festival tickets are available on our main ticket page.



Sappyfriends, we've been quietly working away these last few months, cleaning house, finding lost keys, having deep conversations, and making plans. We have heard your expressions of support and enthusiasm and we have been touched and moved. Thank you for your continued belief in Sappyfest! Thank you for making plans to be with us, as we make plans for your arrival, and thank you for your patience.

So, today we are thrilled to announce that Weaves, Lido Pimienta, Daniel Romano, Willie Thrasher, Partner, Bernice, Tough Age, Teenanger, Myriam Gendron and The Highest Order will be performing at the 12th Annual Sappyfest, taking place in Sackville, NB from August 4-6, 2017.

In addition to our music programming we will be presenting an exhibition and artist talk by Lido Pimienta (in collaboration with Struts Gallery and Owen's Art Gallery); a reading by Notes Of A Feminist Killjoy author Erin Wunker; and a film program presented by Native North America V1 curator and music historian Kevin Howes. We are also excited to present the Golden Bus, a converted school bus that will host intimate and surprising acoustic shows.

Some of these names belong to old friends returning, weirder, wilder, and more wonderful than ever, and we are excited to welcome them home.  And we are thrilled to welcome those coming to Sappyfest for the first time. There are details and links for all of the participating artists on our Lineup page.

This is just the beginning, so please stay tuned for further announcements in the coming days and weeks. And we've increased the number of Early Bird Tickets available! So get them now before they are gone!





Between blizzards and ice storms, SappyFest was hard at work this winter searching for our next Creative Director. Guess what! It's our longtime attendee and performer Steven Lambke, and we couldn't be happier to share this with you. 

For nearly two decades, Lambke has been a prominent figure in the Canadian music landscape. A member of the revered indie rock act the Constantines, and a celebrated songwriter who has released albums both eponymously and under the Baby Eagle moniker, Lambke also has a wealth of experience working with artists behind the scenes. Through his independent record label, You’ve Changed Records, Lambke has been at the fore of championing thoughtful, creative, and groundbreaking music, literature, and art. 

“Since 2006, SappyFest has been a haven for independent musicians, for poets, punks, and artists of all types,” says Lambke. “It's been a place where the usual measures of success and failure can be put aside for more humane, tender-hearted, and inclusive efforts. I look forward to working with SappyFest, and the community of Sackville, as we continue to set a stage for wonderful musical performances, surprising art, literary adventures, and a little summertime swamp magic.”

Get ready for this summer everyone! 



Submissions are now closed for Sappy dooze. Successful applicants will hear from SappyFest by late April when the snow melts. 

SappyFest XII: August 4-6, 2017

thank you, Team Sappy.

SappyFest Songwriter-In-Residence: Call for Applications

SappyFest is now accepting applications from qualifying musicians to the 2017 SappyFest songwriter in residence program. This program is grant-dependant and is contingent on receiving funds from the province of New Brunswick.

The residency offers one songwriter or songwriting team for a period of two to four weeks in July/August 2017 the opportunity to live and create in Sackville. The successful applicant will be provided with accommodations and a private studio space to write, rehearse and practice new material. Artists will also have the opportunity and be encouraged to facilitate community outreach programs such as talks, workshops or performances, intended to promote interaction and professional development. Artists will also be asked to perform at SappyFest XII: August 4-6 2017.

The ideal applicant will have an extensive history of performance in Canada, and a desire to embrace the unique cultural and physical setting of Sackville, New Brunswick.

Applications must include a statement of interest (500 words max), brief personal and artistic history and examples of any previous recordings. Please send all relevant information (no large attachments please) to The deadline for this application is January 25, 2017.  

xo Team Sappy.

SappyFest XII: Yes, we are hiring!

Ever wanted to help run SappyFest? Now is your chance:

SappyFest is hiring a Creative Director for the 2017 festival. This is a one-year contract with the possibility of renewal.

Responsibilities of the Creative Director include:

·             Festival Programming: organizing the line-up, booking and coordinating with artists involved with Sappy XII in consultation with the SappyFest Board of Directors.

·             Festival Management: collaborating with the town of Sackville and local businesses to coordinate venues, street closures, technical rentals and other festival logistics. Working alongside and supervising 1-2 SappyFest interns with volunteer coordination, media outreach, and festival logistics.

·             Festival Outreach: working with organizations in Sackville and beyond to develop new partnerships and initiatives to help strengthen the festival's relationship to its broader arts and music community. This also includes seeking out fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

·             Grant writing and report writing as necessary and in consultation with the SappyFest Board of Directors.

Salary: $20/hour.

Contract Duration: February 1 to August 14th 2017. 20 hours per week before May 15, 40 hours per week for final three months.

SappyFest is an equal opportunity employer. SappyFest welcomes and encourages applications from women, racially visible persons, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities. 

If interested, please submit your CV and cover letter to by January 15, 2017. Only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted.

SappyFest XII runs August 4-6, 2017.

Looking forward to working together!


SappyFest Inc.
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 7PM
Struts Gallery
7 Lorne Street, Sackville NB


SappyFest would like to invite its membership and those interested in becoming members to the 2016 Annual General Meeting. This is an open meeting with presentations from staff and board members on the organization's activities, financials, and future.

The agenda, last year's minutes, current bylaws and the agenda, are available by request.

Key agenda items will include:

- Elections to the SappyFest Board of Directors
- Approval of 2015 Financial Statements

Sappy Rag & Review // Telegraphic

For the last seven years dear friend and author Sean Michaels has penned Sappy's Sappy Times: a daily journal, printed on real paper, distributed across the festival site. Every night I'd get home at 1 or 2 a.m. and collect my thoughts on all the marvels I heard. The Times were penned between the hours of midnight and 6:47 a.m.

(To view the Sappy Times archive, click HERE).

Due to life's beauty & complications Sean was unable to make it to the eleventh edition of SappyFest this summer, however, we had local artists Patrick Allaby, Geodie Miller, Erin Wunker, and Jerry Ropson produce the Sappy Rag & Review // Telegraphic.  



For our final week of The Doiron Questionnaire, we had Halifax's own Jenny Gillespie A.K.A. Coco Barracuda tackle the questions in true style. Check out what she had to say below and catch her set at SappyFest XI on Sunday, July 31st at 1PM on the Main Stage.

What is the principle vibe of your music?
"A serum of sour grapes. A rubber sand dune that jiggles as you jiggle. Running free in a virtual body. Dream rider: L'Ange de la nuit. Baby-grade pineapple juice. I'm always crying."

If you weren’t in your band, who’s band would you be in?
"I'd wanna collaborate with Jun Togawa during her Yapoos phase... right now, I dig/respect Lido Pimienta from Toronto so much, and would be so sick to sing with her one day."

What defines a good base line?
"Bass that makes you clench your teeth like your squeezing a cute puppy."

What are the worst qualities of the best musicians?
"Artists being absolved of racism, sexism, etc. because of their creative output."

Your idea of the worst live show?
"Sausage fest. And no windows when it's hot!"

What talent would you sell your soul for?
"When I was a kid, I used to wish the same thing every time: 'I wish I had all the powers that elves have in Elfquest.'"

Your idea of the best stage outfit?
"A body suit with an absurd amount of layered, coloured chiffon, making me into a big fluffy, flowing monster!"

Your idea of the worst stage outfit?
"Anything that restricts movement, or leather pants?"

What would make you quit a band?
"A creative direction where being offensive for the sake of being "edgy", rather than for an underlying message. Do whatever you want, but that's not my thing."

What are you afraid of?
"Not being productive enough--stagnating into oblivion. Purgatory???? It's something I'm trying to let go of because the pressure of that can get too much sometimes."

What quality as a musician do you most wish you had but don’t?
"Being able to function without adequate sleep. I can be a cranky baby."

Which musician, political figure or event of the past did the most damage to music, be gentle?
"I could write an essay about this."

Which musician, political figure or event has done the most good?
"In recent memory, women of colour who are asserting themselves and their art unapologetically. More representation, please!"

Would you rather a child, a dog, or a toyota privia?
"A pupperoni."

Favourite small town other than Sackville?
"I grew up in Deep Brook, NS. I wouldn't say it's totally my favourite, but those special childhood spots are pretty sacred to me."

What is your motto?
"I don't know... a mish mash of stuff. Learn your boundaries, be empathetic and kind-hearted. Be genuine and only fuck with people who truly care about you. That last one takes awhile to figure out."

What do you wish everyone else’s motto was?



Recent Halifax-to-Sackville transplant Geordie Miller will be hosting and performing at the annual Universal Dawn literary event at the Vogue Cinema on Sunday, July 31st.

Between his studies, writing and bartending at Thunder & Lightning Ltd., Miller took the time to take on the weekly Doiron Questionnaire, organized by Sappy XI performer Julie Doiron. Check out his answers below.

Favourite qualities in a collaborator?
"Enthusiasm and honesty. Say we're driving near dusk. We spot a lynx on the horizon. Days later, one of us admits that we didn't actually see it.  Were just excited to be in on the moment."

What is the principle vibe of your work?

If you weren't in your band, who's band would you be in?
"I'm not in my band! I'd totally be in a band. Let me join the band?"

What defines a good bass line?
"Please tell me."

What are the worst qualities of the best writers?
"A certain kind of egoism. The kind that might be creatively necessary, but can also be socially destructive. You know the type."

Your idea of the worst live show?
"Three words: Donald Trump rally."

What talent would you sell your soul for?
"Is anyone good at candlepin bowling? I don't think so. I'd like to be the first."

Your idea of the best stage outfit?
"For me personally it has to include jorts."

Your idea of the worst stage outfit?
"Tom Brady jersey."

What would make you quit a project?
"If the project started to get really mean."

What would make you kick someone out of a tour van?
"They steal my insulin."

What are you afraid of?

What quality as a writer do you most wish you had but don't?

Which musician, political figure or event of the past did the most damage to writing? (be gentle)
"Ronald Reagan."

Which musician, political figure or event has done the most good?
"Margaret Thatcher."

Would you rather a child, a dog, or a Toyota Privia?

Favourite small town other than Sackville?

What is your motto?
"Be the weird people you used to fear."

What do you wish everyone else's motto was?
"An injury to one is an injury to all."

Check out the full schedule of events for SappyFest XI HERE.



The final winner of the Republic of SappyFest "Wish You Were Here" postcard contest has been announced. Congratulations to @candicecloutier (dice)! You've won two (2) full weekend passes to SappyFest XI on July 29-31.

Thanks to all past and present festival supporters for collecting and mailing postcards and thank you to our sponsors and partners for collaborating in bringing this project to life!

Check out all of the entries for #republicofsappyfest on Instagram.

Pick up your full weekend or day passes to SappyFest XI HERE.


Kaleigh Trace

Kaleigh Trace

SappyFest XI is happy to announce more artists and performers to the already bustling lineup for the festival on July 29-31.

As in previous years, we're excited to bring together writers, poets and storytellers from across the country at the Universal Dawn literary event in honour of our late friend Dawn Wason. Hosted by Andrew Patterson and Geordie Miller and curated by Patterson, Universal Dawn at SappyFest XI is excited to welcome Erinn Beth LangilleLaura LeggeTim Darcy and Patrick Kyle to the stages of the Vogue Cinema for an afternoon of intimate readings and performances on Sunday, July 31st at 12PM.

We're also excited to bring together some of the sharpest comedic minds in Canada to Sackville, NB with two comedy shows planned for SappyFest XI.

To kick off the fun ahead of the festival weekend, the Laugh Track Stars Showcase at Thunder & Lightning Ltd. on Friday, July 22nd will welcome the talents of Megan McDowell, Nolan Natasha and host Kaleigh Trace.

During the festival, you will be able to catch more laughs with the comedic talents of Flag on the Play, Kira Daube and more appearing throughout the weekend.


Photo: Lenny Mullins

Photo: Lenny Mullins

After the boys of GIRTH took on the questionnaire last week, our attention has turned to dear Nick Everett of the Halifax group Mauno for this week's Doiron Questionnaire, organized by Julie Doiron.

While all of our respondents have so far been quite creative, Nick decided to focus his energy by responding in photos to articulate what passed through his mind with each question.

Click on each of the thumbnails below to see what Nick said (or saw) for each question of the Doiron Questionnaire and be sure to tune into Sappy Radio this Friday at 12PM AST on CHMA 106.9FM to hear an interview with Nick by CKDU 88.1FM correspondent Stephen Chew.


Dario Ayala / The Gazzette

Dario Ayala / The Gazzette


Think you have what it takes to perform at SappyFest XI? Well, now's your chance, so don't screw it up.

We're putting together the first annual Showcase Showdown Show at SappyFest XI and we want to give you a shot to join the ranks of Sappy stardom by performing on our hallowed stages.

The first three (3) artists to submit an application to will be accepted into the SappyFest XI Showcase Showdown Show.

What we need from you:
- Artist information so we can confirm you're not a total jabroni.

- MP3 of recorded music so we know you don't sound like a total jabroni.
- Confirmation that you will be available between Friday, July 29 and Sunday, July 31 so you don't flake like a total jabroni.

You are responsible for getting yourself here. We'll have a limited selection of gear available, but you will need to bring your essentials. 

If you're in, we'll be in touch. If you're not, move quicker next time.

The Showcase Showdown Show is brought to you by Thunder & Lightning Ideas Ltd.



In partnership with Mount Allison University, we are happy to announce the return of Crown Camping on King Street for SappyFest XI on July 29-31.

Set up at the Mount Allison University parking lot on the corner of Main Street and King Street in Sackville, NB, just a short walk from the festival site on Bridge Street. This space is offered for festival attendees to find a place for rest during the festival weekend. The cost to rent a space for the entire weekend (July 29-31) is $40.00 per site. A limited number of spots are available, so please check out the full details and rules for Crown Camping on King Street and sign up HERE.

Making your travel plans or deciding last minute that you want to hop in a car to travel to SappyFest XI? Have no fear - we've organized a Rideshare group on Facebook so you can catch up with other festivalgoers and see who has an open spot heading to the fun. Make sure to add your friends so they can join in the conversation too!